BAF. Digital Illustration. 2020.

Dino Green. Digital Illustration. 2021.

Coelacanth. Digital Illustration. 2020.

Sweet. Digital Illustration. 2021.

you spilled something-. Digital Illustration. 2020.

Rhode. Digital Illustration. 2021.

SKATEBOARDIN' BABEY. Digital Illustration. 2021.

Orange Juice. Digital Illustration. 2021.

Strawbebby. Digital Illustration. 2020.

Peko Peko Peko. Digital Illustration. 2020.

Text. Digital Illustration. 2020.

bwaap. Digital Illustration. 2021.

Artist Statement

My work is fun!

Collectively, my work draws from pop culture. It pulls from an absurd mix of desaturated and gaudy colors. It combines a sense of current interests, what I’m doing in-the-moment, and child-like aspirations of what I wish I could achieve and/or may never will. The pieces that I make, featuring a menagerie of characters, are each done with a goal to work hand in hand with storytelling through design. What can you decide about them from the surface? And how does that work hand in hand with the available given information about them?

Hand crafting characters and stories alike- bringing them life-like qualities while also embracing the fictional possibilities. With that, my work typically does not have an overarching theme. They, for the most part, are made so that they operate as stand alone works. Aside from what they offer in design and background information, they have surface level meaning and serve mostly as being eye-catching or visually appealing. Even then, there is a lot of value in it still.

That is the modus operandi that I convey with my work. Out of all of the mediums that I have worked with, painting- charcoal and pastels- ceramics-, digital illustration feels the most freeing. It is a medium that I feel is limitless in what I am able to do and it ultimately makes art exciting to me. It becomes something so portable and practical all in one. It may never fully replace the bonafide feeling of placing pencil to paper, but it certainly is a medium worthwhile to me.

Making things in hopes that it will be enjoyed by others, articulating personalities and details by means of design and storytelling. All of this, collectively, is what makes my work fun.